Launch of Porsche Classic Brand at Gaudin Porsche
March 30, 2016

The occasion was the launch of the "Porsche Classic" brand at Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas on March 30, the only Porsche Classic dealer in the Western Hemisphere. What a party! Things were looking up for Michael and Salomon. Heard over and over again . . . . "This is Las Vegas, Baby" and "Only in Las Vegas". The event outdid even the spectacular Grand Opening of the new dealership store last year.

The welcoming committee was made up of full-on Las Vegas showgirls.

Almost a hundred classic Porsches on the lot. 356s and 911s as far as the eye could see. A few front-engined water pumpers and more 911s.

Inside even more classics including a tractor (diesel of course!). Admirers of a Robin's Egg Blue 356 and an Emory Design 356 Outlaw.

You could stand down by the end of the lot, look over the Classic parking rows, and watch the cars appreciate. The showroom was set up nightclub style. "Stand-up" tables. Roving drink and hors d'oeuvres servers. You had to be there to see the champagne poured . . . Showgirls and acrobats, a band with singers, entertainers bending over backwards, an open bar, sliders, lobster burritos, pasta, and several other delicious appetizers and Desserts.

Guests attending from Porsche AG (Germany) and PCNA (the US headquarters in Atlanta), included: Doug Battie - Regional Manager, Area West
Rick Kramer - Manager, Network Development
Scott Codute - Vice President, Area Central (our past Area West Regional Manager)
Rick Perkins - Field Technical Manager
Tim Quinn - Vice President, AfterSales
Alexander Fabig - Director, Porsche Classic - Global. PAG
Kenneth Lim - Regional Manager

But it's not just the cars, it's the people.  Well over 400 attendees at the party. All were "Porsche people."

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