Tour to Vancouver
September 25-30, 2017

Open roads stretched on into next week,

but every now and then a Thermotherculator created gridlock.

How quickly things could change . . .

from the straight and narrow

to endless curves and hills (er, mountains).

The vistas were stunning

from Hell's Canyon up the Wallawa Climb

Water and mountains

through the hole in the trees.

The tribal ladies wondered about the Montana license plates if we were from Nevada.

They directed some lost souls on their way up Hell's Canyon

with a brand new club flag.

Our own tribal ladies were a damsite better than the vistas in North Pine

Proud of our new flag, Jackie practiced her feather girl dance routine

and then we got down to the business at hand . . . lunch

Sustenance was a key element of the week

After dinner we were treated to coffee and dessert in the salon on Randy and Colleen Schaefer's boat, Paragon.

It was daylight when we started and things were a bit dimmer after coffee. For you gearheads, it's powered by two 600 hp diesels.

Hidden away in an industrial park in Vancouver is Intermeccanica International. We were given a personal tour by Henry Riesner

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