2017 Historic Grand Prix - Zandvoort
Circuit Zandvoort is a motorsport race track located in the dunes north of ZandvoortNetherlands, near the North Sea coast line.
2018 Calendar                                                                    Getting Around with the Las Vegas Region
Note: This is the 2018 Event Calendar for the Las Vegas Region.
Note that we've put our own LVR events in BLACK (except for date changes).  Non-region 
events are 
listed in blue and are sometimes described down toward the end of the Newsletter.
Board meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday at Gaudin Porsche.
Members' Breakfasts are held at the Red Rock Country Club.
25 (Sun)     Gambler's Rally. Test your card 
and dice skills on the road. 
See details below.

4 Wed)       Board Meeting at Carrabba's, 8771
W. Charleston, Las Vegas   6pm

8 (Sun)       Members' Breakfast at the RRCC
Note the date change.
After breakfast, a drive up to Mt. Charleston

19 (Thur)   Third Thursday Social. Mini-golf
and dinner at Angel Park. 
Details soon.

20-22          California Festival of Speed
Auto Club Speedway, 9300 Cherry Avenue, Fontana, CA 92335

21 (Sat)       Progressive Garage Tour/Dinner
Four garages, four courses:
1. Appetizers,
2. Soup/Salad, 
3. Entree, and 
4. Desert!
Registration opens tomorrow (March 19) at 3:00pm.  See below for details

22                 Luftgekühlt 5
Los Angeles County

If you are interested, check out the dedicated website for event details, lodging and registration information: 

25-29            Treffen Tamaya. Hyatt Regency
(Wed-Sun) Tamaya Resort;
 Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
 Registration is open, see below.

6 (Sun)     Members' Breakfast at the RRCC

12-13          Fast Fling DE Event
(Sat-Sun)   Spring Mountain Motor Resort

17 (Thu)    Third Thursday Social Pinots Palette
Town Square @ 6:00 pm.  A unique social event combing your imbibing and creative skills.  Cost $39/pp.  Details below.

19-20          Drive to Zion, UT. An overnight trip.

3 (Sun)       Members' Breakfast at the RRCC

8-11              Drive to Flagstaff, rally with the
(Fri-Mon)  AZ Regions.

(No Board meeting in July)
8-14              Porsche Parade
(Sun-Sat)   Lake of the Ozarks

20-29           Multi-day drive to Glacier
(Sun-Sun)  National Park.  Details under
 revision.  Details forthcoming. 

2-6 (Thu-Mon)
State Park Tour. Details beginning 
t0 emerge; see notice below.

5 (Sun)     Members' Breakfast at the RRCC

17-19            Porsche on the Mac
Inaugural Porsches Across the Mackinac Bridge. 
If you are interested, check out the dedicated website for event details, lodging and registration information:
23-24           Fall Fling DE Event
(Sat-Sun)   Spring Mountain Motor Resort

27-30           Rennsport Reunion VI
(Fri-Mon)   Save the date.

17-18            Final Fling DE Event
(Sat-Sun)   Spring Mountain Motor Resort

Future events:  
They are sure to happen.  Check here in the coming weeks as we get new and exciting events on the schedule.

Recurring events
Saturdays 7am-10am: 
Cars and Coffee at SpeedVegas
14200 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
The 3rd Saturday of each month will be "SuperCar Saturday" so bring your Super Porsche!

Last Sunday of Each Month
Cars und Kaffee @ Vesta Cafe DTLV

*    Dates are tentative.

Comments, questions, suggestions regarding this Newsletter may be sent to: lvrnewsletter@gmail.com

More information about the Las Vegas Region may be found at  http://www.lasvegaspca.com 
Editor's Thoughts: 

Slogans tell a story...

When this Editor joined his first car club, I think it was in the late 1800's, the group's motto was "Ingenuity in Action." It was all about the cars, because back then it took a lot of ingenuity to keep a car running, to modify it to go faster, and, in general, just to own one.

Much later, when he joined the Porsche Club of America, their slogan was "Getting There is Half the Fun."

This moved the center of interest over to the middle, being half about the cars and half about the fun you'd have with the folks after you got there.

So fast forward to today. PCA's motto (actually it appears to have two of them) is "It's Not About the Cars, It's About the People." Or maybe it's "Fueled by Volunteers."

With either one, the emphasis has shifted way over toward the people and away from the cars.

To really enjoy the Porsche Club, you must interact with the people in it. That means you have to participate in the Club activities. You can't just sit home and read Panorama.

'Nuff said?

Notices from the Board:

 Many of our LVR members have registered for and will attend the Treffen In Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico this April (see the detailed notice below). Our Drive Chairman Alex is preparing a group drive to the Treffen, leaving April 24, with one overnight stop on the way. If you plan to go the the Treffen, consider joining your friends along the way there. We'll be publishing the details shortly. BTW, the Treffen location is about 576 miles from here, making for two relatively easy days of driving.

The Region's web site is www.lasvegaspca.com 
           Our Facebook page is LVRPCA Facebook
Now . . . . on to the Coming (or just happened) Events

March 17,18  Drive to SoCal to Santa Anita

Our President and First Lady joined members of Zone 8 in the Los Angeles area to drive some of the twisty roads and visit the Santa Anita Racetrack and the races.  We believe they were able to drive their Porsche home so didn't lose/win much.
A bunch of one horsepower vehicles flashed by while the high-horsepower vehicles drove in and parked outside.

March 15 (Thursday): Third Thursday Social;  6 pm 'til after the sun set.

A small, but enthusiastic group of 20 people met at Ventano's Italian Grill and Seafood restaurant in Henderson and since we decided that a happy hour shouldn't be limited to one hour, we stuck around until well past sunset.

As the pictures above indicate the libations, camaraderie, conversations, and condiments were all "moto bene."

March 25 (Sunday - that's just one short week from  now): 
The Gamblers Rally.  An LVR fun event.

An entertaining (we hope) and easy Sunday drive, ending at lunch, along which you can test your luck at cards and dice.
The start will be at 9:30 am under the big sign at the 
Henderson Fiesta, with the first car off at about 10:00.
No cost to enter. Nothing to bring except your car and yourselves (maybe bring a pencil or a pen). No timing or speeds required. About 2 to 2-1/2 hours in duration.

Families and 4-door Porsches welcome. Prizes for the podium finishers.

For more info contact: Linda Reese at  linandphilabuster@gmail.com  or
                                         Tamela Hatcher at  tkahle@kahlelawnv.com
April 21 (Saturday):  Garage Tour Progressive Dinner

Join your fellow LVR members for a unique culinary experience beginning at 2:00 pm

All donations at the door (minimum $10pp recommended) and proceeds from an exciting SILENT AUCTION will go to Cystic Fibrosis Search For a Cure.  For each $10 donation you will receive an entry ticket for prize drawings to be held at the last garage.
Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic genetic disease that destroys internal organs.  Life expectancy is 30 to 40 years, making one our member's 21-year old granddaughter, middle-aged.  For any questions, please contact Tina Trewartha at 714-227-8716.

Registration opens tomorrow (Monday) at 3 pm. Space is limited, so register early.

To register, click on this link: http://msreg.com/LVRPCAGarageTour  or copy it and paste it into your browser (but wait until tomorrow at 3:00pm).

April 26 (Thursdayt):  Spring Open House at Gaudin Porsche

April 25-29:  Treffen Tamaya, New Mexico

Save the Date! Treffen Tamaya in New Mexico to take place April 25-29, 2018. Registration is open, details and link below. 

For those planning on attending the Treffen, we are making plans for a caravan drive to New Mexico with some exciting roads, vistas, and nutritional delights along the way.  
Details will be forthcoming.

Treffen North America is Porsche Club of America's newest twice-a-year national event, featuring non-competitive touring, creative dining events and the opportunity to explore exciting destinations while staying at some of the finest resorts in North America. Translated from German, Treffen means "to meet," and you're sure to meet new people and make new friends. Treffen and Porsche Parade destinations are selected to offer annually a national PCA activity within driving distance of the membership.

Drive:Experience some of North America's best driving roads. New Mexico is home to 25 of the magnificent scenic byways, totaling over 2,900 miles across a diverse landscape.

Dine:Savor the sumptuous blend of flavors, from Spanish and Native American cultures, that has been perfected over the course of 400 years.

Explore: New Mexico offers a host of sensual destinations including exceptional vistas, adventurous outdoor recreation
and diverse artists and artisan galleries.

Registration fee of $450 - separate from Drive and Tour fees - includes:
  • Arrival reception on Wednesday
  • Continental Breakfast on Thursday, and Saturday
  • Cars and Coffee Breakfast on Friday (Hot Breakfast will be served)
  • Themed dinner event at Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort on Thursday
  • Tapas reception and dinner on Friday
  • Route 66 dinner on Saturday
  • Apparel with event logo

Check back here over the next few weeks as more details of the event become available.  Go to Treffen.PCA.org for information on the event and the schedule of activities and drives including additional costs.
May 17: Third Thursday Social

The May Third Thursday Social promises to be unique.  If you have a painting frock, get it out and bring it to Pinot's Palette Paint & Sip Studio in Town Square. Plan to arrive at 6:00 pm and spend $39/pp and join your fellow LVR members for an upscale painting and wine experience.

July 20 -29: Glacier Park Tour; The LVR summer Multi-day driving trip.

We've gone back to the drawing board for this event.  

The routes, accommodations, and culinary delights will make this adventure of epic proportions as we explore the mountains of Idaho, Montana & Wyoming.  So mark your calendar, pack your bags, and plan on joining fellow LVR members for the drive of the year.
Registration dates, tour details, and contact information will appear in an upcoming Newsletter.
August 2 - 6 (Thursday-Monday):  State Park Expedition Grande Finale

The Exulted Supreme Ruling Council has directed me to launch the Final Push to complete our 3-year program to visit at least 20 of the 21 State parks listed in the Nevada State Park Passport. So far, we have visited 14. As I mentioned at last week's breakfast, we had always intended to skip Rye Patch State Recreation Area as we believed it to be 22 miles off of I-80 on a dirt road. Now that we have some facts it is only a very short distance off of I-80 so it may be in play again. The final decision will be made by the traveling group.

This is going to be a 5-day trip, one day up, one day back, and 3 days of visiting 2 parks each day. Certainly a full schedule. The plan is to depart LV on Thursday Aug 2 and return on Monday August 6. I anticipate we will stay in the Carson City area.
We have yet to visit Washoe Lake SP, Lahontan State Recreation Area (SRA), Fort Churchill State Historic Park, Dayton SP, Lake Tahoe Nevada SP and Mormon Station State Historic Park. These 6 are all clustered in the Carson City area, so we will use it as our base of operations. Some of the parks are focused on boating, fishing and picnicking so our visits are rather quick. Others have a more historical flavor and may be worth spending some time learning about Nevada's history.
We will depart on Thursday, Aug 2 and the tour will officially end when we check out from the hotel on Mon, Aug 6, 2018. Current travel plans are to depart fairly early on 8/2 from someplace where we can avoid getting caught in the interminable I-15/US-95 construction. This leaves us 3 days to visit the 6 or 7 parks. By taking US-95 up to Carson City it is possible to visit 1 or possibly 2 Parks on the way to the hotel. Washoe Lake is very close to downtown Carson City and we might consider a quick run out there after dinner one night.

In the coming weeks I will review each of the parks. You can do some homework yourselves by visiting Nevada State Parks.

Continuing Event (On and On and On . . . . .

              Las Vegas Region, Porsche Club of America  SPELLING BEE CONTEST

The goal in this contest is to have a photograph of the entrant's Porsche positioned so that the checkpoint identifier and the Porsche license are in the frame of the photograph.
  1. The first letter of each checkpoint identifier will be a letter used in the phrase:                                     "Are we having fun." The entire phrase must be spelled out.
  2. Checkpoints (CP) are defined as a civic/public building or its identifier. (City Hall, named Police station, City Park identifier, etc.) For example, "The Grant Sawyer Building", either the "G" or the "S" could be used as one of the letters, but not the "T" or "B".
  3. The same Identifier may not be used for multiple letters
  4. All Checkpoints must be within Clark County, Nevada. These Checkpoints may be visited at the entrant's convenience and in any order.
  5. Photographs (digital or printed) are the only acceptable proof of the visit to the Checkpoints.
  6. Each Photograph must include the CP and the entrant's Porsche with the license number readable. Picture quality will not be judged.
  7. All entries will include a copy of the registration for the Porsche used for the contest (non-pertinent data may be redacted).
  8. Assemble all photographs and forward them at one time, being certain they are marked appropriately.
  9. Digital and printed entries must be received no later than September 15, 2018.
  10. Awards will be given to successful participants.
SEND DIGITAL entries to John Burrows - jcb986@aol.com. Use subject "Spelling Bee".
SEND PRINTED entries to: John Burrows, 5565 North Campbell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89149.

Before We Go . . .  and if our schedule wasn't enough to keep you busy, here is the Zone 8 calendar for the next few months:
Want to see more?  Click here for: The Full Zone 8 Calendar
Sign that the end of the automotive world is near:


A.  Executive Board:
President                  Scott Hatcher scott@hatchernv.com (702-525-8991) 
Vice President          Phil Reese philreese356@gmail.com (702-478-6911)
Treasurer                  Reid Smith reidhorn@yahoo.com (702-399-4945)                      
Secretary                  Joan Kramer  kramerjoan52@gmail.com (702-808-5615)
Director - 1 year       Richard Viktora rviktora@cox.net (646-591-9343)
Director - 2 years     John Burrows jcb986@aol.com (702-395-3886)
Director - 3 years     Scott Mann scott@renegadehybrids.com (805-857-4001)
Past President           Mike Dugan mduganre@gmail.com (925-470-7706)

B.   Board or Directors:
Membership Chairperson   Nita Burrows nburrows986@gmail.com (702-395-3886)
Newsletter Editors              Jim Miller quais64@me.com (702-835-3298)                                                                                        Phil Reese philreese356@gmail.com (702-478-6911)
Track Events Chairman      Brian Schmidt bschmidt@gcwengineering.com (702-743-8637)
Chief Driving Instructor     Scott Mann scott@renegadehybrids.com (805-857-4001) 
Safety Chairman                 John Burrows jcb986@aol.com (702-395-3886)
Rally Masters                     Tamela Kahle tkahle@kahlelawnv.com (702-524-1764)                                                                        Linda Reese linandphilabuster@gmail.com (702-478-6911)
Drive Event Chairman        Alex Harbison maverick1715@gmail.com (702-553-5334)
Social Director                    Todd Trimble todd@trophylv.com (702-682-1111)
Member at Large                 Linda Reese linandphilabuster@gmail.com (702-478-6911)
Member at Large                 Barbara Barron Barbarabarron@hotmail.com (702-210-5560)
Member at Large                 Anne Marie Viktora rviktora@cox.net (203-321-0293) 

 The Region's web site is www.lasvegaspca.com 
            Our Facebook page is LVRPCA Facebook

Name Tags are Available
To order your Las Vegas Region, Porsche Club name tag, please print clearly the name you want on each tag.  Enclose a check or money order for $10.00 made out to Abbott Trophy with your return address printed clearly.  Mail to:
Abbott Trophy
953 Sahara A32
Las Vegas 89104
Att:  Mike Mayer
Mike will send your name tag back to you within 10 days to the address you indicate.
As an alternate, Trophies of Las Vegas has a metallic-material badge available, featuring an attractive brushed metal surface, with your choice of lettering.These cost $10.00 as well. The Club Emblem in cloisonne may be affixed, forming a very attractive name badge. The cloisonne emblems are generally available at each Members' Breakfast or at a Board meeting for $5.00.  Contact: 
Trophies of Las Vegas
4295 S. Arville St.
Las Vegas
Porsche-related Embroidery available
Creative Embroidery: the business that embroiders the word "Porsche" or the Las Vegas Region logo on shirts, jackets, tees, or other fabrics.
Creative Embroidery
7225 Bermuda Rd. Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Bermuda Rd. and Warm Springs.)
They can put the name of our favorite car in the proper-appearing letters like the factory uses, and have the master for the Las Vegas Region logo (the one that appears similar to the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign on Las Vegas Blvd).