It all started here with the 1948 356 Gmund Coupe.  See below for the Evolution of the 911
Event Calendar                                                                  Getting Around with the Las Vegas Region
LVRPCA events are in BLACK (except for date changes).  
Non-region events are 
listed in blue.
Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday at 7:00pm at Gaudin Porsche.
Members' Breakfasts are held at the Red Rock Country Club.
2-3 Sat-Sun  
First Driver Education Event at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch took place this weekend. 
9  Sat  
New Member BBQ at Lone Mountain View Park. All members welcome. Details below.
10 Sun  
Member Brunch at the Red Rock Country Club  
(ed. note: March Brunch moved to Second Sunday).
10 Sun  
PCA Zone 8 Cars and Coffee, Bellflower CA. See flyer below.
23-24 Sat-Sun  
PCA Zone 8 Caravan to Country Western Country
29-31 Fri-Sun  
California Festival of Speed.  The Zone 8 Annual multi-event weekend at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.  Details and Registration information below.
3-6 Wed-Sat  
Treffen Santa Barbara.  If you are planning on going, plan on joining the caravans to and from Santa Barbara on April 3rd & 7th respectively.  Details of the drives appear below.
13-14 Sat-Sun  
Mystery Weekend Drive.  See below for details and costs. 
10 Fri   
Baseball game.  See the new team - Las Vegas Aviators - in a new ball park with pre-game tailgating.  Update below.  
25-26 Sat-Sun  
Second Driver Education Event at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch 
7-10 Fri-Mon  
Second annual Northern Arizona Scenic Tour, Gimmick Rally & Tech Quiz
20 Thu  
PYOP: Paint Your Own Porsche event at Pinot's Palette.  Prelininary information below, details coming soon.
4-7 Wed-Sat  
Treffen Vermont.  Tour the Green Mountains from the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, VT (not the same as Woodstock, NY).
Details later this summer.
21-22 Sat-Sun  
Third Driver Education Event at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch 
28 Sat  
Motorsports Festival at Red Rock Country Club.  Details to follow
23-24 Sat-Sun  
Last Driver Education Event at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch 
Saturday Mornings: 7:00am - 10:00am: Cars and Coffee at Shelby American
Saturday Mornings: 7:00am - 10:00am:  The Car Sh0w on Eastern, 9500 S. Eastern Ave.

Comments, questions, suggestions regarding this Newsletter may be sent to: 
More information about the Las Vegas Region may be found at 
Editor's Thoughts:  A penny saved is . . . not much.  But $20 for brunch including made-to-order omelets, cinnamon rolls, tax and tips is a pretty good deal.  Another reminder that the March Brunch at the Red Rock Country Club will be next Sunday --- March 10.   

As the cool weather subsides and the rain (snow!) moves back North where it belongs, we are seeing many activities and events popping up on the calendar.  In particular, many Zone 8 events, just a short drive away in California or New Mexico are happening.  Check out the information of some of these events below.

With the 8th generation of the 911 now available for those who want the latest and greatest, I thought I would put together a photo essay of each iteration of the 911.
Finally, next Sunday Daylight Saving Time (or Summer Time) begins next Sunday.  So set your clocks ahead one hour at bedtime or you will be an hour late for Brunch at the Red Rock Country Club.

Notice from the Board:   We will meet this coming Wednesday (March 6) at 6:00pm at Gaudin Porsche.  A nice light dinner is served.  Drop by to meet the hard-working people you elected, see what events are in the planning stages, present any ideas you may have for a drive or other activity, volunteer to help with upcoming events, or just enjoy yourself.

New members:  The Las Vegas Region welcomes these new members to our club and look forward to seeing them at an upcoming event:
Stephen Swinton, 2010 911 Cabriolet
Ryan and Stephanie Rasar, 1980 928
Mark and Kerry Olson, 2001 Boxster 
Mark and Nanci Perkins, 2005 Cayenne
Carol Scanlon-Goldberg and Don Goldberg, 2000 911 Carrera

     What's Coming Up
March 9: LVRPCA New Member BBQ
RSVP by March 4 (tomorrow) to:
March 10:  LVR Region Monthly Brunch at Red Rock Country Club - 9:00am
The monthly brunch for March will again be second Sunday - March 10.
 Don't miss this opportunity for great food, great people and awesome socializing.

The cost for the unlimited breakfast is $20 per person and includes savory made-to-order omelets and eggs accompanied by sumptuous buffet items.  The $20 includes gratuities for wait staff and valet attendants.

Please RSVP on or before March 7 to Tamela Kahle at:
March 10: PCA Zone 8 Cars and Coffee
March 23-24, 2019 - Convoy to Country Western Country

Soon the rains will subside and the skies will turn blue again and our Porsches will be looking for adventure and fun drives. We have the opportunity to start out Spring on a great drive down Hwy 33 with its sweeping curves  and then cut across CA-166 through Taft to Bakersfield. That evening we'll enjoy a festive event and the unique sound of Bakersfield country western music.
Ask anyone who took part in the 2014 original outing and you will be told that it was one of the most memorable and happiest two-day weekend of SBR events. The visit to the Buck Owens Crystal Palace turned out to be a night full of singing and dancing to the country western music played by the band. The entire dance floor was filled with our members showing off their dancing boots, blue jeans and cowboy hats, and taking short breaks to enjoy dinner. 

The $115 per person price includes Saturday lunch, tour of the Buck Owen's museum, multi-course dinner and show at the Crystal Palace, Sunday buffet breakfast and activity fee.  Don't miss out this time!  
Register and make your room reservations for Saturday night at the Doubletree Hilton as instructed on the event flyer. You will have the time of your life!

Contact Howard Rubenstein at or Dick Lange at  for further information.
Click on the link to the event flyer for more details: Country Western Country_2019
March 29-31:  California Festival of Speed
April 3-7:  Treffen Santa Barbara.
Several members of the region are attending Treffen Santa Barbara and are planning to drive down on April 3 and return on April 7.  If you are attending and want some company on the way down and/or back please join us.  The details of the drives are:
Drive to Treffen
Start Point:

End Point:
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Chevron Gas Station
1 Goodsprings Road
Jean NV 89019
Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort
633 Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Drive Home
Start Point:

End Point:

Sunday, April 7, 2019
Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort
633 Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Chevron Gas Station
1 Goodsprings Road
Jean NV 89019

April 13-14:  First Ever Mystery Weekend Drive.   
We've had a Mystery Drive before, but this is the first that will take us out of town and overnight.  All indications are that it will be exhilarating, educational, and enjoyable.   
May 10:  Family Night Out at the Las Vegas Aviators
Join fellow LVRPCA members for a family night out the ball park.  Bring the kids, grandkids, mother-in-law for a fun night at the new home of the new Las Vegas Aviators.  Where else can you have such a fun time for under $20 per person?  
Tailgate Party starts at 5:00 p.m. Game starts at 7:05 p.m. 
Please contact Scott and Gwen Pearce about what to bring to the Tailgate Party.   
Scott Pearce at (702) 247-4640
Look for registration to open soon at Motorsportsreg.  
June 7-10: 2nd Annual Northern Arizona Scenic Tour, Gimmick Rally, & Tech Quiz
The Las Vegas Region is looking forward to having fun with y'all in, and around, Flagstaff, Arizona for the second year! 
Registration opens soon at  This will be a great weekend with people from multiple regions. Check the newsletter in the coming weeks for hotel and event registration information.
In the interim if you have questions or want more information, please contact:
Tamela Kahle at (702) 524-1764 E-mail:
Scott Hatcher at (702) 525-8991 E-mail:
June 20: PYOP - Paint Your Own Porsche (on canvas)

      What Just Happened?
The event was fabulous and extremely well attended. The view of The Strip was amazing. The decorations were beautiful and had an After Holiday Party theme. They had melted snowmen as the center pieces at the table (I think they used snow from our recent wintry weather).
Scott Mann brought home the Zone 8 Region of the Year Award and presented it to the Club. Scott Hatcher was presented a plaque for leading our Region to our first win of Zone 8 Region of the Year and for all his efforts for the past year as President. Doug Pierce was given an appreciation plaque for his efforts with the Nevada Parks Tours and gave much credit to Jan (Roger Greene was not at the dinner and elected to have his plaque presented at the next Brunch). Scott Mann, Todd Trimble, Patrick Molnar and Brian Schmidt were each given appreciation plaques for all the time and effort they have provided to our Region through the Driver's Education weekends.
With the formalities over, many fabulous gifts from Gaudin Porsche and Autobahn Adventures were raffled off.  
Thanks to our hosts for the evening, Tina and Mark Trewartha, for all their efforts in making this a memorable evening. It was a perfect evening.

Watch the Calendar in the Newsletter for upcoming runs in and around the Las Vegas Valley.  Spring is coming!
Before we go . . .

Evolution of the 911.  The 992 is out and receiving rave reviews from the auto community world-wide.  Here are examples of each generation that led to the current models.

Signs that the automotive world should not have survived to the present.

Cars and Coffee Las Vegas continues every Saturday morning but has a new centrally located venue at Shelby American.  Drop by to show your car and socialize with other car aficionados.  The Shelby Store and Museum are open as well.  So check it out.

In addition, the Car Show on Eastern Continues at Sansone Park Place, 9500 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson
Executive Board:
President  . . . . .
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Treasurer  . . . . . 
Secretary  . . . . . 
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Director - 3 years  . . . . . 
Past President  . . . . .
Tamela Kahle 
Todd Trimble 
Reid Smith 
Joan Kramer 
John Burrows
Scott Mann 
Nita Burrows
Scott Hatcher
Board of Directors
Membership Chairperson . . . .
Newsletter Editor . . . .
Track Events Chairperson . . . .
Chief Driving Instructor . . . .
Rally Master and Drive Events Chairperson . . . .
Social Director . . . .

Nita Burrows

Jim Miller 
Brian Schmidt
Scott Mann
Scott Hatcher
Todd Trimble
As always we are looking for volunteers to assist with our
events as well as to suggest, plan, and carry out an event.  
Name Tags are Available
To order your Las Vegas Region, Porsche Club name tag, please print clearly the name you want on each tag.  Enclose a check or money order for $10.00 made out to Abbott Trophy with your return address printed clearly.  Mail to:
Abbott Trophy
953 Sahara A32
Las Vegas 89104
Att:  Mike Mayer
Mike will send your name tag back to you within 10 days to the address you indicate.

As an alternate, Trophies of Las Vegas has a metallic-material badge available, featuring an attractive brushed metal surface, with your choice of lettering.These cost $10.00 as well. The Club Emblem in cloisonne may be affixed, forming a very attractive name badge. The cloisonne emblems are generally available at each Members' Breakfast or at a Board meeting for $5.00.  Contact: 
Trophies of Las Vegas
4295 S. Arville St.
Las Vegas
Porsche-related Embroidery available
Creative Embroidery: the business that embroiders the word "Porsche" or the Las Vegas Region logo on shirts, jackets, tees, or other fabrics.
Creative Embroidery
7225 Bermuda Rd. Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Bermuda Rd. and Warm Springs.)
They can put the name of our favorite car in the proper-appearing letters like the factory uses, and have the master for the Las Vegas Region logo (the one that appears similar to the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign on Las Vegas Blvd).