Welcome to the Las Vegas Region of the Porsche Club of America!

Join now!It’s not only the people but the thrill of the cars. Fueled by volunteers

We are the Las Vegas Region of the Porsche Club of America. We have over 800 men and women as members who live within our region of Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln and Nye counties in Nevada. We are a region within the Porsche Club of America.

We offer a diverse selection of activities from social events, driving tours and ralleys, to tech sessions, charitable events, car shows and Drivers Education weekends at the track. We are a club organized and run by our volunteer members.

Las Vegas Region (LVR) was founded in 1973 by a small group of 25 Porsche enthusiasts. In the last, almost 50 years, we have grown in size and expanded our range of events. Even today, if you have an idea for an event, attend a board meeting (open to all members) a propose it. If the board agrees with your idea, you can make it happen with the club’s full support.

If you are a Porsche owner and are interested in having fun and want to get together with other like-minded folks, join us.

Please take a moment and look at our newsletter to see what is happening in the near future.

Upcoming Events/Newsletter

A monthly newsletter emailed to all members to keep everyone up to date on club activities.  Learn about and register for upcoming events, read new member profiles and, of course, Porsche news.


The current LVS calendar


We are a gregarious group that enjoy each other’s company and meeting new members. Activities occur throughout the year. All members are invited.


Drives are short, a few hours to half-day driving events to see and enjoy the roads and sights near Las Vegas. These events usually end at a restaurant.


Tours are multi-day drives to interesting location, usually on the western USA. Sightsee along the way to a destination, or destinations, which may be a special event or unique places.

Drivers Education

Also known as High Performance Drivers Education are events to learn safe high-speed driving on a track. These are non-racing events that are designed to help drivers learn the skills to safely avoid mishaps on the freeway.


Tech sessions present information on some aspect of the Porsche as a machine. Whether a weekend wrencher or just curious, learn from world-class mechanic’s demonstrations. Food usually available.

Concour d’ Elegance / Car Shows

Participate in club car shows as an entrant or just an interested bystander. Learn how to properly clean your Porsche or judge cars at a show.


Join fellow club members on a journey following published directions. The event can be timed or just fun and laughs. Usually ends at a restaurant so we can swap stories.

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