Concours d’ Elegance

What is a Concours?

Concours d’Elegance dates from the mid 1800s. Initially, they were events held in Parisian elegant parks by aristocrats to show, compare and brag about their custom designed horse-drawn carriages. On occasion the family’s dress was also part of the competition. Today a Concours d’Elegance is a gathering of automobiles in a judged competition comparing respective merits of coachwork design, cleanliness, finish and appointments. Concours events are held all over the world for a wide variety of marques.

For Porsche and the PCA, we have established categories or classes that are defined by the level of effort required to compete.  There are eight (8) categories to compete in. Within each category there are classes to group like vehicle. The categories include:

Full Concours Division

Ganz Ubergang Division

Street Division

Unrestored Division

Ubergang Division

Wash and Shine Division

Special Categories Division

Display only (This is the only non-judged Division)

Review the Zone 8 Rule Book for more detail on the Divisions, Classes and requirement.

The Las Vegas Region has a concours every September in conjunction with the Vegas AutoFest. This event is held on the 1st and 18th Fairway of the Red Rock Country Club’s Golf Course.

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