Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Club organized in the United States and Canada?

The Porsche Club of America (PCA) is a national based organization based in Maryland. The National Office is comprised of a Board (which includes national officers and the Presidents from all 145 Regions), an Executive Director and Staff that creates and manages national events and magazine, The Panorama. They also assist the 14 Zones and 145 Regions with their events and insurance

The USA and Canada are divided into fourteen Zones. Each Zone has a representative that reports to National and assists the Regions located in their Zone. Las Vegas Region is part of Zone 8.

There are 145 Regions with the USA and Canada. Zone 8 has 14 Regions with Las Vegas being one of them.

What kind of activities does the Club offer?

National Events include the following:

Porsche Parade. This week-long event is held during the summer at different locations each year. The Parade included Drives, Rallies, Autocross. Concours and Banquets.

Treffen. There are two Treffens each year. One on the Western US and the other on the Eastern US. This four-day event is a smaller event that Parade as we only conduct multiple Drives and Tours.

Tech Tactics. This event is held at the same time on both coasts during the January Presidents’ Meetings. It offers technical information and instruction about our Porsches.

Zone 8 Events include  the California Festival of Speed. This is a HPDE and race weekend held in Fontana, California each year.

The Las Vegas Region does a variety of events throughout the year. We conduct a drive or tour each month to a location around Las Vegas. In addition, we have multiple day trips scheduled in Arizona, California and Utah.

The Club has Gimmick Rallies throughout the year. Some are directions and answer questions. Some are Poker Run or Yahtzee Rally. They are relatively simple, cover about 50 miles and are completed in two hours. Lunch and pries follow.

The Las Vegas Region has one Concours a year in conjunction with the Vegas AutoFest in September. This is a great venue to show how your car shines.

Member brunches are held monthly offering good food, great company and a place to show off you Porsche. See see the newsletter for dates, times and costs.

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