PCA National

The Porsche Club of America is the largest car club in the world with over 110,000 members. PCA offers many events- national get-togethers called Parades and regional ones called Treffens. PCA also stages regional Tech Tactics where the focus is the Porsche automobile, its design, workings, care and maintenance. PCA also has created two Porsche Experiences (one on each coast) which allow members to experience Porsches of various eras to view and drive on a track (sorry, only current models).

PCA has created 14 Zones encompassing the US and Canada. Each Zone has events available to all PCA members. Within each Zone are individual clubs called Regions. Our club is known as Las Vegas Region. LVR is in Zone 8 encompassing Nevada, AZ, CA and HI. 

Membership for local clubs like Las Vegas Region is accomplished by joining PCA national at pca.org. PCA will assign you to the region closest to your home unless you request a different region. The cost currently is under $50 per year. Remember to sign up your spouse/significant other as co-member (at no additional cost), so you both can enjoy all the privileges of membership.

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