Drivers Education

Also known as DEs or formally, as High Performance Drivers Education. DEs are a program promoted by PCA to encourage drivers to learn the correct and safe way to drive at higher speeds. The DEs are intended to instruct anyone over the age of 18 regardless of driving experience. It is not a racing event or racing school.

Participants learn how to control their car at higher speeds, how to approach and turn corners, when and how to brake safely and understand how their car reacts in stressful situations (as are encountered on our highways) and how you can safely react. Beginner students will drive on a track with a certified DE driving instructor along with other students with instructors at the same level. As a student demonstrate that they have achieved sufficient skills, they will be allowed to drive solo with others of similar skill level. As skill level increases, they will be assigned to higher skill level track sessions. This is not racing, not competitive with others.

It is a fun weekend event that becomes even mor enjoyable as skill levels increase. Of course, there is a social side to these events.

If you are interested please contact our DE chair.


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