Rallies are competitive events where a driver and navigator team follow specific course directions (route instructions) through city streets and country roads. The challenge is to follow these instructions without error and finish at the final meeting location. There are two basic types of rallies.


TSD Rally


This type of rally measures your team’s time, speed and distance for all the given route Instructions on the rally sheets. The rally is run in accordance with the PCA Zone 8 Rally Rules. This is an event where cars follow a prescribed route on public roads at a precise speed or need to arrive at a destination after a precise driving duration. The object of the rally competition is to follow the prescribed course and to arrive at each checkpoint when you are due, neither early nor late.


Gimmick Rally


This type of rally is not as technical as the TSD rallies. These are more fun and are generally easier. You still have to follow the route instructions to get to the finish line location but what happens during the rally differs.  Sometimes question on the route instructions need to be answered, sometimes it is a poker rally and you draw cards at the checkpoints and sometimes it’s a Yahtzee rally and you roll dice.

All rallies are driven on paved roads and usually are about 50 miles long and take about two hours to finish. At the end destination there is a lunch and prizes for the winners.

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